Looking to Buy a Computer Read Our Desktop Computer Buying Tips


Purchasing a home or business computer can be a big and sometimes costly decision. Whether you are buying a computer for personal or business use, choosing the right components can be a difficult task. So how do you ensure that you get exactly what you need?

This computer buying tips aims to help you make the right decisions when buying your next desktop computer or when upgrading your computer. To help you find the right mix, we’ve outlined some common user types, and what emphasis needs to be placed on the components in each situation.

Gaming PC

Computer games drive the computer hardware performance race. Nothing pushes a computer harder than a modern computer game, so if computer gaming is the main purpose of your PC, you will need high performance gear throughout. Specifically, you will need a fast CPU and motherboard combination, a fast video card and a large amount of system memory (RAM).

Office Use PC

Office type applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet Browsers are only moderate demanding, in fact, you can still use a 2 year old PC to do most of these tasks adequately. CPU and system memory are

Basic Computer Maintenance Tips for You


Maintaining your computer can be complex at times, yet it is important to do so to maximize their performance. A frequent maintenance is important to keep your system running smoothly.

Following are some of the crucial computer maintenance tips that will help you enhance the overall performance of your PC:

1. Save all the working files into a single folder, at some specific hard drive location: You can even make multiple subfolders to keep your files well organized. This gives you the ability to open your files quickly, and consequently it makes your computer run faster.

2. Avoid saving your personal or important data into C drive: If your computer crashes, mostly you will need to format your hard drive to recover it. Formatting your computer will delete all the data saved on the C drive location. So, make sure that you saved all your important data at any other location except the C drive. If you have already saved your data in the C drive, you should immediately move them to some other hard drive locations.

3. Try to uninstall all the useless programs installed on the computer, mainly the big ones: If you

Computer Maintenance Tips to Keep Your PC in Top Form


When you operate a business the last thing you want to experience is continuous issues with your PC. Your PC is your ticket to business success, whether you wish to develop an email marketing campaign, maintain top social media management or make use of other online marketing strategies.

Maintaining your PC is absolutely essential and has never been easier with these top computer maintenance tips:

1. Uninstall All Programs that you are Not Using

Correctly remove all programs that you are not using from your computer to increase available space and improve the speed of your PC. Make sure you remove them correctly to avoid any errors occurring on your PC.

2. Keep all of your Working Files in Good Order

Another top way to take good care of your PC is to keep all working files in good order. Keep things stored in a categorical, organised manner to avoid getting lost as you navigate through your PC. This is not only a top way to take good care of your PC but will also save you time when searching for that important document.

3. Delete Original Zip Files


Important Computer Maintenance Tips To Boost Speed

Do you get frustrated every time you try and use your PC? Unfortunately this is an all too common feeling and one that becomes more serious as time persists. If you want to find a solution that will allow for your PC to perform in the way that it has been designed to then you should take a moment to check out the following computer maintenance tips.

There are many factors which can result in an unresponsive PC. To start with you should ensure that no physical damage is done to the hardware. It is for this reason that no matter where you reside you should ensure that there is a UPS device between the electricity socket and the computer. This will help do away with potential damage caused by power surges.

The problems you are experiencing may be caused by too many programs and applications starting up when the computer is first turned on. Some people have the habit or filling up their hard drive with unnecessary software. By doing so you will only be causing the performance to drop. Click on your list of installed programs and see which are never used. These can be deleted.

How much space is

Desktop Computer Cooling Tips

Most people aren’t aware that the real thing that actually kills most computers is heat. When your computer gets too warm, the hardware inside of it will eventually fail. If you keep your computer cool, it will last much longer than if it’s running a bit too hot. Learn some cooling tips for your desktop computer.

When you have a desktop computer, it’s a good idea to place it in the right spots. Never let any objects within about 8 inches of your desktop on all sides. There needs to be air around the computer so that the heat can come off it and the fans work properly. Many make the mistake of pushing the computer against a wall and blocking all the fans.

Check on your fans from time to time. It’s important that these are not blocked by dust. Also make sure that they are still moving. If they aren’t they need to be replaced to keep your machine cool.

Dust out your fans on your computer. Dust causes them to get blocked and limit airflow. Get a can of compressed air and dust them out while the computer is off and unplugged.

Open the desktop computer case from time to

Computer Shopping Tips Online

Buying the right computer for you can be a learning experience if you are willing to take a little time. Price will be an important factor, but it does no good to buy a computer at a low price if it does not have the functions you need for your lifestyle.

First, determine what will be the most important job of your computer. If it’s for business, it might require complex accounting applications. It might need large data storage. Your computer may be used primarily for entertainment which requires specialized video cards and additional RAM. It’s in your best interest to know what software you plan to install, so that you can check that your new hardware will meet all the requirements.

Once you have ascertained your specific wants and needs, you are ready to go shopping. Shoes and coat are unnecessary, because online shopping is the ultimate way to compare several brands’ prices and functionality. You can visit large chains to determine whether they’re offering any good sales or discounts. And online shopping allows you to check out retailers that sell products exclusively online, like Tiger Direct.

When you have decided on the computer that you want, it is important to

Quick and Simple Computer Backup Tips and Strategy

The problem with backup is that sometimes we are too busy with our work and tend to forget to backup our digital data every once in a while, which can lead to some serious consequences.

The other issue is that most people never think a hard drive crash will happen to them. This mentality can be devastating. It generally starts with something like, ‘My hard drive failed.’ And end with, ‘How can I get the photos of my kids back?’ To avoid this nightmare again, you must sit down and ask yourself “what are you going to do to prevent something like this in the future?

Listed below are some simple and quick tips for you to make your backup a breeze.

1) Backups created with the disaster recovery option enabled can speed recovery of your system after a hard drive crash or similar failure where your data is lost. Fully restore your system without installing any of the original software or operating system.

2) If you have only one drive, go buy one. Hard drives are pretty cheap nowadays which allows you to backup another copy of your data.

3) Another form of backup that is becoming very popular is the use of

Ten Simple Computer Maintenance Tips That Will Save Your Day

1. Never open a file you download before pass it through antivirus –
– Select the download file and right click.
– Scan virus.

2. Take care to run once week cleaning adware – better to set up a scheduler.

3. Remove adware the moment you got it – this ads and popup are bad for your computer.

– Close all running processes and browsers.
– Disconnect your PC completely from the internet.
– Scan your computer with your anti-Adware for a full scan and delete all threats, then reboot.
– Repeat these actions until your computer is free of adware.

4. Always turn on the firewall – use window XP firewall and protect your privacy from invaders, you can never know who is trying to get privet information from your computer. To those of us that are using mobile computers I will recommend to use a powerful firewall.

5. Always backup you things, better to by UPS (Standby power supply)-
Use UPS and your computer jobs will not stop when power fails.

6. Defrag your hard driver – use window XP tools or external powerful tools.
you will be surprised to know that defragging your hard driver once a month could save your hard

Home Computer Repair Tips

If you are experiencing computer troubles, contacting a local repair service isn’t always necessary since many problems aren’t severe and can be fixed rather easily. Having a solid understanding about the common problems that can occur with your home computer and the ways it can be fixed is imperative before deciding whether or not to hire a technician.

Common Problems and Resolutions

Before starting the home computer repair on your own, perform a data back up. This can be done with an external hard drive or USB so you can recover all your data in case something goes awry.


The possible causes of home computer problems are multiple. Infections of viruses, malware, and spyware are common issues that are experienced by home computers. These infections are characterized by a loss of files unexpectedly, programs that are acting erratically, and the computer responding slowly to commands. If these are some of the symptoms that you have found on your computer, then the repair shouldn’t be too difficult as you can probably fix it in about an hour or so.

Check to make sure that all your OS automatic updates are turned on. Then, install an anti-virus program that can effectively protect your computer. Run

Computer Buying Tips

There are many things to consider when buying a computer and it can be quite difficult if you do not know what you are looking for. Some of the things you will want to consider when looking for a computer will be storage size, memory size, screen quality, etc, however lets look at one of the fundamental decisions that consumers often get wrong when buying a computer. Should I buy a desktop computer or a laptop/notebook computer?

First off let’s look at obvious option, portability. By portability I simply mean are you looking for computer that will sit on a desk in your home and stay there or are you looking for a computer that you can move about the house and even take with you on the road to work. In the first instance you will probably want to settle for a desktop computer which is basically a unit which contains all the computer components and the screen, keyboard and mouse are separate. These types of computer a normally the most powerful of home computing and will be able to deliver you high end performance, the only one down side is that they are not very portable since there

Do You Have a Slow Running Computer 3 Tips That Can Get You Up to Speed

So you have a slow running computer and you are trying to figure out what may be causing this. There are 3 common ways for your computer to start slowing down and we will discuss them here. Let digest an important piece of information here first. Virtually every little thing stored on your computer is a “file”. Some are more important than the others and they all perform certain tasks. Let’s see why your computer may be on it’s way to a screeching halt.

Tip #1: You have a general hardware problem such as your hard drive slowing down or a faulty RAM chip. This is the least common of the three because the average life expectancy of a hard drive is 40,000 hours. If you suspect something is wrong with your hard drive, get it replaced.

Tip #2: The next thing you will want to look at is how much hard drive capacity you have left. Click on “start” and then right-click “Computer” and select “Manage”. Look for the tab that says “storage” and select “Disk Management”. Most people store all of their files on the C: drive so we want to investigate it. Right click the C: drive and

Setup BIOS With Computer Repair Tips

BIOS is the Basic Input Output System which works as an introduction to the operating system on your computer. Through BIOS the operating system of your computer starts communicating with the hardware devices of the computer. BIOS reside on a small chip which is integrated into the motherboard of the computer and it provides important information while the computer is booting itself. For some reason or other the users need to access the BIOS sometimes and experts for computer repair services will explain the ways to get into the BIOS set up.

Computer repair experts suggest that for entering into the BIOS set up you need to read the start up screen carefully to follow what you need to press to enter the area. Set up process is a specialized configuration program for every PC and you need to press the key Del during memory counting to enter the area, suggest some professionals. The core PC configuration set- up is actually stored in configuration memory which is a special memory slot, says the experts for tech support. Most of the people confuse the BIOS and the set-up to be the same thing which is nothing but a wrong concept. Actually

How to Keep Your Computer in Tip Top Shape With High Quality Hardware

It is quite surprising how little that we all know about the technology that we use every day. Whether it’s our automobile, our microwave, or our personal computer, we have surprisingly little knowledge of how the internals of the products we own actually work. For instance, you’re most likely pressing on the keys of your keyboard at this very moment, and utilizing your mouse to move the cursor around, yet you don’t have a clue how the signals actually get sent to your computer, and how the computer processes the information. Simply because you are so familiar with them, you may never consider them in their essential form as highly sophisticated personal computer hardware. And there are entire arrays of component and subcomponents that you will never see, all whirring and operating in the background where we never notice.

But our advanced computer technology does come to our attention when things don’t quite work the way they should. In particular, we notice when our computer is running very slowly right at the most crucial times when we need it to run quickly. The way to prevent this type of situation is of course to always purchase the highest quality and

Sure Fire Tips on Earning With Wholesale Computer Hardware

Buying and selling computer parts can be very rewarding especially if you have the knowledge and resources. Whether setting up an offline business or selling online through sites such as eBay, buying wholesale computer hardware will not only you save a lot of money, but you’ll also have huge profits.
Let’s look at some facts on the computer industry:

1. From time to time, computers need to have updated hardware specifications, as computer parts can easily get outdated.

2. New hardware releases have outrageously high prices.

3. Some computer hardware brands cost higher than others, even with the same specs.

Based on the facts mentioned above, you can tell that buying wholesale computer hardware is just one method of thriving in the computer hardware selling venture. You’ll also need to do a bit of research on various parts that are popular to the consumers, like graphics cards, processors, memory, and motherboards. As mentioned above, remember that computer parts are easily outdated, yet buying new releases are impractical due to the cost. So basically, the smartest thing to do is to opt for relatively new parts, then research for alternate models with lower prices but with the same specs, and finally get a reliable

How to Purchase Desktop Computer Hardware

Below you will find tips that I have learned on purchasing computer hardware. So, one piece of advice that you can most likely use is that you are the one that is making the final hardware purchasing decision. Don’t be fooled by salespeople into purchasing unnecessary computer parts. While you should certainly take other people’s opinions and advice into account, don’t let yourself get so sidetracked that you wind up buying something that you really didn’t want.

A common fear is purchasing computer hardware alone, however do not be afraid. Buying a computer for the first time can be a very difficult task. Research will be needed in order to educate yourself about various hardware. The hard drive, mouse, keyboard and monitor are all very simple concepts. Before you buy hardware read and review the product first.

You will need to study more information about the processor, motherboard, and other peripherals to fully understand their purpose and function in the entire computer system. Some factors must be considered when choosing this hardware. How are you intending to use your computer? As the difficulty of the task your computer has to perform increases, your processor will be taxed more heavily. When choosing

Troubleshooting Tips for Computer Hardware

Although computer hardware has evolved significantly to an extent where problems are rare if they do in fact happen, we should be ready to handle the situation ourselves to a certain level as most of the time there is a very basic reason behind the issues. This means a call to tech support/technician may not always be required. This article will discuss a few common problems a computer user may encounter in their day-to-day operations.

It would be difficult for a nonprofessional or a basic computer user to understand the reasons behind any hardware issues and hence we should understand the problems first, diagnose, and troubleshoot accordingly. Listed below are a few common problems that appear with computer hardware.

Starting problem: In case you are not able to start the system, you should first look at the power supply of the compute. If all the wires are connected properly, then replace the power cable with another cable to see if the cable is damaged. If you still have the problem, the SMPS-Switched Mode Power Supply seems to be not working properly and you will need to contact a technician for a replacement.

Abrupt shutdown: There may be various reasons behind this, mostly

Tips To Follow Before You Buy Computer Hardware

For a computer to perform as efficiently and effectively, good hardware configuration is a must. From the very basic functioning to running the most advanced softwares, the hardware set up holds the key. The component of a computer hardware usually includes keyboards, monitor, mouse, printers, scanners, Central Processing Unit (CPU), disk drives, digital flash drives, audio and video cards, motherboard, processor, graphic card, memory chips, RAM and cables. For proper programming and functioning of the computers, it is necessary that the above mentioned hardware is in proper functioning. However, while you are seeking to buy computer hardware, you need to recognize the several options you have at bay.

Although there are traditional ways you can opt while you look to buy computer hardware, you must also explore the dimension that online domain has brought forth. Today, there are innumerous hardware shops which operates online and facilitate online buying and selling of hardware products. The growing trend of online shopping provides you an array of options of choosing a large number of hardware products that are available under different brands and series. So, you may visit a large number of products with scrolls and clicks of the mouse.

If you favor visiting

Tips to Follow Before You Buy New Computer Hardware

Outstanding software may not be appreciated if a computer is not built with quality hardware pieces. So to ensure that you will get are indeed of good quality it will help to take into account few tips to follow before you buy computer hardware. It will not harm to consider the said hints but will instead do you good because somehow it will help to shed light on possible matters that you might come across with especially with today’s buying options along with its wide selections to choose from.

Whether it is online buying you wish to do or visit actual retail stores the following tips to follow before you buy computer hardware are for you to consider such as…

Search for retailers
Search for stores that offer the kind of computer hardware you have in mind. Do not limit your search to one or two stores alone whether online or real actual outlets. With online, it is far easy to go over one store to the other. When doing so, always ask for price quotations and about special deals. In this way you can later on compare prices and narrow down your list of prospective stores. When you have your shortlist

Tips for Securing Its Permanent Safety

The computer rack today is mostly constructed with a metal frame such as steel or aluminum and goes a long way to ensure the better management of your computer hardware products. Most of the computer racks available in the market today are 19″ rackmount so you can secure your hardware vertically. If you have hardware that rolls out of the computer rack, you need to be careful where it is located so you don’t accidentally cause the rack to tip over.

Hence, in this article I offer you a few tips to avoid your computer rack from tipping. The first thing to remember is to go for a rack that is 19″ EIA standard so that any hardware equipment fits into it for better accommodation of your products. Before getting yourself one for your home or office, always make sure it abides by the standards set by the Electronics Industries Association (EIA). This ensures the mounting ears on your hardware will fit the mounting holes on the computer rack.

The most important point that is to be kept in mind before loading it with electronic component is to make it heaviest at the bottom. This ensures prevention of the rack tipping.

Tips For Purchasing Computer Hardware

You don’t have to be a computer hardware expert to make a wise buying decision if you are equipped with some basic knowledge on both equipment and how to shop. Here is some information about the desktop wonder, as well as some tips on how you might want to go about buying it.

While you see computer programs and operating systems run, you cannot touch them; hardware is possible to see and touch. In contains the processor which is responsible for data processing; the hard disk drive that serves as the storage space for pictures and files; the RAM (Random Access Memory), that takes care of various tasks and maintains the smooth shape of the processes, the sound and graphics cards that let you possess clear photos in addition to sounds you’ll like; the motherboard, where all the parts are spread out and certainly the modem, for internet connection.

You should note the part that you need before you go to buy computer hardware. If your computer is running slowly you may need to switch out a few parts. Doing this gives you the chance to add to your savings. After all, everything else works like it should

If you already know